Math Intervention with Jessica Hunt

Asset Based Math Intervention

picture of Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt is a Professor of Mathematics Education and Special Education at North Carolina State University (NCSU).  She is also a Faculty Fellow at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Her research innovates math intervention for students with disabilities.  Jessica has a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and a post doc from The University of Texas at Austin.  Previously, she taught middle school mathematics in a technology demonstration school in Florida.

Asset Based Math Intervention

Jessica Hunt re-conceptualizes math intervention to afford students access to their own ways of reasoning.  Her work primarily focuses on fractions and ratios. She designs and develops asset based curriculum materials and partners with K-8 students with disabilities, their teachers, principals, and school districts to test their effectiveness. Specifically, she examines the impact of curriculum materials based on trajectories of learning on students' engagement, math understanding, identities, and interest in STEM more broadly.

To evaluate impact, Jessica uses mixed methods and learning analytics in her research to study both the processes and products of student learning supported by the curriculums she develops.  She argues that examining how students use the curriculum to build math understanding, as well as barriers that students may experience, supports innovation. She also examines issues such as the usability and feasibility of instructional materials for teachers.  Finally, she examines how these factors relate to scalability and student outcomes.

Diverse Experiences

Jessica's experiences working in both urban and rural contexts in five states are valuable in helping her to understand contextual factors that intertwine with effectiveness of curricula and instruction.  She enjoys working with historically marginalized populations and works to ensure equity, access, and advancement for all.  Jessica has created several products from her work.  Additionally, several of these products are free for educators to use in their classrooms.

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