About Jessica Hunt

Math InterventionJessica Hunt is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Special Education.  She is also a Faculty Scholar at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and the University of Central Florida. Previously, she taught middle school mathematics in an inclusive, bilingual technology demonstration school in Florida.

Jessica's research innovates mathematics learning environments for students with disabilities. She re-conceptualizes math intervention to afford students access to their own ways of reasoning.  Specifically, she designs and develops asset based curriculum materials and partners with K-8 students with disabilities, their teachers, principals, and school districts to test the effectiveness of the materials she develops.

Jessica examines the impact of curriculum materials based on pathways of students' mathematical thinking, or learning trajectories, on students' engagement, math understanding, and interest in STEM more broadly.  Her work primarily focuses on number, fractional, and proportional reasoning.

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Education:  Ph.D., University of Central Florida, Post Doctoral Study, University of Texas at Austin

Employment:  North Carolina State University

Location:  Raleigh, NC